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  • Retention
  • Up-sell
  • Feedback
  • Member Insights Lists
  • Reporting

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Retention (Engage & Retain)

Know your members better with personalized insights. Identify high-risk members for targeted successful member engagements, using only fraction of the effort you’d need with other engagement tools.

Target Right

Identify only the at-risk members with more insights to start the engagement with less effort.

EngAgE & Retain

With a successful engagement tool in your hands, retain your members

Up-sell: Sell more!

We can help you find the right customer to sell Personal Training and more to increase your in club sales.


Your time is valuable. Wouldn’t it be nice to target the right member to pitch your next class, PT and more?


When you target right members, you will see your sales increase, from PT to in club sales!

Member Insights & Reporting: Business Intelligence

Download our member insights and scores CSV lists to manage your campaigns, promotions, surveys, and more with additional segmentation provided to you from our AI Engine, enabling you to integrate with other solutions easily and attack engagement initiatives at your own pace. Even offline!

Our reporting tool gives you details about all aspects of your retention progress, up-sell numbers and operations insight during engagements.


Learn more about members, engagements, your operations with our BI tools and downloadable lists.

Create Results with OFFLINE ENGAGEMENT

Help your campaigns run smoother & efficient.

Feedback: Act faster & keep members happier!

With the help of our Feedback tool, accessible via Kiosk or Mobile, your members will be communicating with you inside or outside of your club!

Their input will be delivered to your Operations Managers so they can act on them fast and keep your members engaged and happier.


Be closer to your members. Learn, know and act fast with Reunify Feedback.


Help your members become your promoters by acting on their feedback of any kind. Fast!

APIs: Integration made Easy!

With our Open APIs, you can integrate with any software in your club that can hook into our APIs to collect all the goodness we can provide so you can run your business smoother. We make it that easy. 

Connect us via your new Hub, your Sales and Marketing tools, enable your Survey and Promotional tools to get our data to shape your company’s future brighter.

Easy to Integrate

With our Restful APIs, you can use plethora of software in your clubs to easily integrate with Reunify AI.

Your Solution OUR APIs

You can build your own solution using our APIs the way you want, when you want it. We are open.


Our product suite offers you more of everything important for your business to succeed.


Our application stack runs from Mobile to Desktop, Wearables to Giant Monitors so you have more choices.

Customizable & SECURE

So you make it your own, turning on and off functionality, changing content! With security built in, your information is safe.


Make updates on your device updating crucial member details, where CMS allows.


Straightforward, intuitive User experience makes the learning the tool-set a breeze.


Help is everywhere you look. Whenever you need it.


No need to update anything. Always up-to-date even on mobile!

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